Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Vaseline... A Wondrous Product.

I'm talking about the Vaseline - Petroleum Jelly. Though it is a widely known and used product; its uses and qualities are still neglected.

We all know very well, it has major moisturizing properties, right? 

  • I mainly use it as a lipbalm and it's perfect. Inexpensive; yet the most effective lip-balm there is. It doesn't make a greasy film on your lips that lingers on forever but sinks in after a few seconds and gives deep moisture. You don't even have to exfoliate your lips every few days like we would need to get rid of the dead cells. This does the job pretty well. How? Well, keep using it as lipbalm religiously. Yes, religiously! Every time I wash my face, I apply Vaseline on lips afterwards. You keep using it like that and every few days; the upper skin layer of lips will come off easily and leave you with new and smooth skin. Just remember to apply Vaseline again after that.

It says on the front: "Protects minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Moisturizes to heal dryness".
  • It's not just for gimmicks. I have used it on scrapes, scratches, minor cuts and minor burns and it instantly soothes the burning and redness and eventually heals the affected area. Just don't try to stuff it in a deep cut or wound.

  • Dry hands? Apply/massage a thin layer of it. It will feel weird and a little greasy at first, mind, but as I said before; it sinks in after a while.

By the way, did anyone ever unseal the paper-fold at the back of it? You'll find that there's a tiny booklet full of its qualities and uses written inside it. And it says there that this is, hold your breath...that this is 'Non-comedogenic'!! Yes!! It says:

"Contains no colors, fragrances or irritants. Hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic." *Squeals* Ahem...
First let me explain: A non-comedogenic product is which 'does NOT clog pores'. Now you're squealing, too, aren't you? It also says:
  • Heals dry skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines. 
So all this means you can use it on face, too since it's non-comedogenic. But I know, not many people are gonna go for that, me included. Although, that's because I have oily/combo skin. For dry skins, it might work, but don't take my word for it. I haven't tried it on face. OH wait...though, I HAVE used it on eyelids.

  • Yes, It's a wonderful eye make up remover. Just use it like you would use any other eye make up remover. Spread just the tiniest amount of Vaseline onto eye area: browbone, eyelid, inner corner, outer corner, under eyes, lashes, etc. and massage very lightly. Then wipe it off with a cloth/tissue. Voila! Just like that. So inexpensive. And so good for dry lids, too. Even if you wash them after wiping it off, it will still have given enough moisture to soothe the dryness.
I have another at-home eye make up remover coming up in one of the later posts.

Other uses:

  • Applying it on eye lashes make them longer eventually (some just consider it a myth but I might have seen a difference... o.O )
  • Rubbing it on cuticles soften them up.
  • Makes perfume linger on longer if applied on the area beforehand. (Haven't tried this one) 
  • Stubborn earring? Apply a light amount of it on earlobe to ease earring in, also soothe the pain.
  • Also used to ease in and ease out stubborn finger rings. 

All that and more with just one product and that is so affordable and available so easily.
Some of you might have known this; some of you might not. But if this helped anyone; I'm glad! :)

Thanks for reading.


Maila said...

Vaseline is my must have beauty product!
I apply vaseline to coat my lashes before applying mascara, prevnets clumpiness and is easier to take off the mascara at the end of the day :)
I wrote a post on mascara how-to's, have a look:
Followed you, would love if you followed back, cheers!

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