Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation.

Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nivea Visage - Refreshing Cleansing Milk

I've trusted this brand for ages. I haven't used a lot of products from it but whatever I have; has been gentle to my skin.
I've been using Nivea's cleansing milk for over 3 years and I love it! 3 years+, yes. That was the time I got interested in beauty, make up, skincare, etc. So, Nivea was the first ever cleansing milk that I bought.
I first got "Nivea Visage - Gentle Cleansing Milk". And after finishing the bottle; I got "Nivea Visage - Refreshing Cleansing Milk [Normal to Combination Skin]" Both Indonesia made. And both work in the same way so here goes:

(Btw, both of these images are of 'Refreshing Cleansing Milk'. The one on the right is mine. The left one I googled to give you the idea of other versions available)


Lotus Flower Extracts and vitamins. (I had to Google Translate it because it was written in Indonesian =D )


Cleanses and Moisturizes the skin giving a fresh look. Enriched with Lotus flower extracts and vitamins, the skin is given an optimal humidity for the skin's natural moisture to stay awake when the face is clean and all around the eye. (Thank you Google Translate)

Product type:
The consistency is lotion type: watery, runny, not thick. Just like (skimmed) milk. And it feels so soft and silk-like when poured onto the skin. It's NOT sticky at all. Also, you don't need to pour out heaps of it. It has a fragrance to it like all(or most) Nivea products but I usually like fragrances in products so it's pleasant for me. And it's not irritating.

So, does it do what it says?

Yes, ofcourse! Nivea is spot on in their claims! It not only thoroughly cleanses and removes make up/dirt in just seconds; but it also keeps the skin moisturized and looking fresh. It doesn't leave an oily residue behind but if you still want to; you can wash your face afterwards. You'll be amazed to see the glow on your face, trust me. I'm not kidding.

{*Note: I haven't used it around eyes so I don't know about that :) } 

Just pour a few drops onto hand and spread all over the face with fingers. You don't even need to rub in too hard. Just spread all over in circular motions and massage lightly if you want to. Then wipe it off with a tissue or a clean cloth. You don't have to wait for it to sit on your skin; you can wipe it immediately after spreading it around.

You'll be amazed to see the amount of make up it takes onto the tissue.

Do I recommend it?

Of course! Yes, yes! It's excellent. I love it. I've tried other cleansing milks but they didn't live up to its standards.


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